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Información y amp; Reservaciones

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Afro House, Techno, 

Melodic House & Techno


Sol Sonidos, Sins Sound, RKI

Ecto Maver, also known as Ettore Apuzzo, is a multi-talented artist born in Rome in 1973. He excels in various creative disciplines, including music production, DJing, songwriting, video making, painting, and directing. From a young age, Ecto demonstrated artistic abilities and attended painting classes. His musical journey began with classical music and evolved into Trance music production after establishing his own home studio in 1989. In 1996, Ecto co-founded the band HYDRO, blending rock influences with techno rhythms. They enjoyed success in New York City, recording albums, and performing at renowned venues like CBGB. After a period of solo projects, Ecto focused on electronic music genres like House, Tech House, and Techno. He established Studiosmav, a multimedia and audiovisual services company, showcasing his video editing and directing skills. Alongside his artistic pursuits, Ecto's passion for painting led him to create abstract works exhibited in various shows. Today, he resides between Ibiza and Rome with his wife and children, dedicating himself to electronic music, painting, and his family.

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