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"Afro Moon EP" Ecto Maver

Sol Sonidos is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated EP, Afro Moon, by the immensely talented artist and music producer, Ecto Maver. This mesmerizing collection of three tracks showcases Ecto Maver's distinctive blend of afro house rhythms, taking listeners on an unforgettable sonic expedition.

At the helm of Afro Moon is the title track itself, a potent amalgamation of strong, heavy grooves and ethereal reggae-inspired leads. Ecto Maver masterfully crafts an immersive experience, enveloping listeners in an irresistible dancefloor energy that is sure to ignite any party.

Continuing the journey, "The Day Before" offers a delightful twist, delivering a playful and quirky remix of the mesmerizing "Afro Moon." Ecto Maver's creative prowess shines through as he seamlessly infuses elements of surprise, making this track a standout addition to the EP.

Closing the triumphant trio is "Others," a captivating fusion of synthy arpeggios and driving 80s vibes, all expertly woven together with the essence of house music. This track evokes a sense of nostalgia while keeping the energy high, making it an ideal soundscape for an outdoor sunset party.

Hailing from Italy but currently based in the vibrant musical hub of Barcelona, Ecto Maver, also known as Ettore Apuzzo, is a multi-talented artist whose creative ventures span various disciplines. With a background in classical music and a trajectory that encompasses trance, rock, and electronic genres, Ecto Maver has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene.

As Afro Moon emerges as the latest jewel in Ecto Maver's crown, it further cements his status as a boundary-pushing artist with a profound passion for electronic music. With a blend of diverse influences and a commitment to pushing sonic boundaries, Ecto Maver's sound encapsulates the essence of an ever-evolving musical landscape.

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating sonic odyssey with Afro Moon - a testament to Ecto Maver's artistry and his unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional music. This EP is set to captivate listeners, creating a groove-infused atmosphere that will undoubtedly elevate any dancefloor experience.

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