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"When I'm With You" Analog Sol

Analog Sol has released his latest electrifying single, "When I'm With You." This hypnotic Afro House track features soulful vocal chops, African talking drums, and classic analog synths, creating an energetic and exciting experience perfect for unforgettable sunset parties.

"When I'm With You" captures the essence of euphoria, taking listeners on a rhythmic journey that transports them to the heart of a vibrant sunset party. With its infectious groove and pulsating beats, the song guarantees an unforgettable experience, inviting everyone on the dancefloor to move in sync with its hypnotic rhythm.

Analog Sol's expert craftsmanship shines through in "When I'm With You." The soulful vocal chops seamlessly blend with rich African percussion, while the classic analog synths add warmth and depth to the composition. The result is a unique fusion of traditional and contemporary elements that breathe life into the music, inspiring an uninhibited connection between the beats and the dancers.

On the remix front we are proud to feature some solid deep house vibes from none other than LA's Travis Emmons. He's previously topped the BeatPort charts many times and is back to lend his magic touch to this Summer anthem.

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