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"Who Is Djuboo" DjuBoo

Get ready to bask in the warm embrace of summer as DjuBoo unveils his highly anticipated fourth release on Sol Sonidos. Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of "Who Is DjuBoo" and "One More," now available to transport you to a world of sunset bliss and outdoor party vibes.

DjuBoo, renowned for his distinctive fusion of Afro House, Deep House, and Dub, continues to captivate listeners with his unmistakable sound. "Who Is DjuBoo" sets the stage with its soul-stirring vocals, reggae influences, and the infectious rhythm that will have you swaying to the beat. Feel the gentle caress of the sunset as you lose yourself in the euphoria of the music.

Complementing this magical journey is "One More," a captivating composition that exudes the essence of summer. Let the enchanting vocals, mesmerizing melodies, and laid-back beats transport you to an outdoor paradise, where the energy is infectious and the vibe is carefree.

Join us in celebrating DjuBoo's remarkable talent and embrace the euphoric atmosphere of his latest release. Experience the melodies of "Who Is DjuBoo" and "One More" as they evoke the essence of summer, igniting a sense of joy and liberation within your soul.

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